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Nova Heating Installation & Repair

Nova Heating Installation & RepairNova Heating Installation & Repair

If your furnace or boiler is older than 15 years, chances are it is a good investment to replace it with a high-efficiency model with the guidance of a good contractor like NOVA. Also consider a replacement now if your system is one of the following:

Oil customers are strongly urged to switch over to gas for many different reasons.

  • Oil furnaces are very dirty and costly to maintain.
  • Oil and propane prices have elevated to new highs, and have both been higher than gas for more than ten years.
  • Gas furnaces are more efficient and create a cleaner environment for your home and family.
  • Old gas furnace without electronic ignition. If it has a pilot light, it was probably installed prior to 1992, and has an efficiency of about 65% efficient (the least efficient systems today are 80%)
  • Old gas furnaces without vent dampers or an induced draft fan (which limit the flow of heated air up the chimney when the heating system is off).
  • Rusting can be early signs of a cracked heat exchanger which will cause carbon monoxide to leak in your home.

If your furnace or boiler is 10 years old, or even if you think it may not have been installed correctly from the beginning, and you are experiencing discomfort or high utility bills, call NOVA who can help you evaluate your existing system. Often times, it will be more cost-effective to improve home insulation and air-tightness, repair or insulate ductwork, or tune up your system.

Rheem and Ruud have a full line of furnaces to match your needs of comfort!! All of the furnaces come with spark ignition, which is extremely reliable, and will not fail as pilots and hot surface ignitions have in the past! In fact, on all of our 90% efficient or higher models are now coming with a standard 10 year warranty on ALL parts and a lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger!!

*Consumer reports has recently given Rheem and Ruud the highest rating for our heating equipment for fewest amount of breakdown over all other leading brands.